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Hi, I'm Liza.

I’m an illustrator and UX-designer, based in Utrecht. I've been living in Utrecht since 2008, when I started my study Animation- and Audiovisual Design. Besides my studies I started as a freelance illustrator and designer and kept doing this when I was studying Art & Economics at the School of Arts in Utrecht in 2013. I've also done other student-jobs, but realised that illustration and design was the one job that would make me forget time.
After my studies I started to work at SnappCar as a Support Specialist. Because of my communication skills and love for the community (users) I started to grow into the role as a Community Manager. I started to love listening to users, gather their feedback and inform the teams within the company what their needs and complaints are so it could be improved. After all; it is all about the experience of a user.

After a couple of years working parttime at SnappCar and parttime as an illustrator and designer it was time for a new challenge. I started studying for UX-Design at the UX Design Institute in Ireland and got my degree in 2022. I've grown into the role of junior UX/UI-designer at SnappCar and am excited that I can use my expertise about the community and design together in my new challenge.
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